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Marguerite Moore Callaway

Marguerite Moore Callaway is a highly accomplished and influential figure in leadership development. As the CEO and Founder of the Callaway Leadership Institute in Santa Rosa, California, she has been instrumental in providing international leadership development courses that empower leaders to achieve their goals effectively. With a career spanning over 40 years, Ms. Callaway has amassed extensive practical leadership skills and has held significant roles in various organizations including partnership in three management Consultancies where she served clients in the USA and internationally. She was a C-suite executive in two world renowned healthcare non-profit healthcare providers, Sharp Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente.

In 1996, Ms. Callaway took a significant step in her professional journey by founding the Callaway Group LLC.

In this capacity, she provided consulting services to medical centers, focusing on strategic planning and implementation, mergers and acquisitions, leadership development, board development, and more. The same year, she also launched the Callaway Leadership Institute, where she offers diverse workshops and intensives to prepare executives and aspiring leaders for the challenges of 21st Century leadership.

Alongside ongoing in-person client workshops and 1:1 coaching, in 2022 Ms. Callaway created an online learning platform where she offers topic-specific courses on transformational leadership, conflict resolution, and women's leadership programs. All foster personal and organizational transformation and growth among her clients. She emphasizes the importance of systems thinking, ethics, values, and emotional intelligence in leadership.

Her influence extends beyond her institute, as she serves as a Faculty Member at Graduate School USA, teaching in Washington DC and online. Additionally, Ms. Callaway has been an Adjunct Faculty at the Yale University School of Public Health since 2005, where she imparts knowledge about healthcare leadership and management training programs in various countries, including eleven African nations, China, and the United Kingdom. Her dedication to lifelong learning and passion for leadership development continue to make a positive impact on leaders worldwide.

She received their 2023 Instructor Excellence Award that “recognizes an educator's outstanding dedication, innovation, and impact in teaching. This prestigious accolade honors their ability to inspire students, foster an engaging learning environment, and demonstrate exceptional teaching practices that contribute significantly to the academic success and development of their students.
Outside of her professional pursuits, Ms. Callaway enjoys engaging in recreational activities such as hiking and walking, attending live concerts, and exploring the study of consciousness.

“I have known Marguerite for more than nine years as a highly respected O.D. Consultant and leadership development expert on a global level. Marguerite is one of the rare practitioners who cares not only about the work she does, but also the people who are impacted because of her work. When it comes to understanding and working with the people of Africa, I would not attempt to do anything without Marguerite and her Callaway Leadership Institute.”

Ben Harrison, Ph.D.

President Ben Harrison Associates, LLC


“Leadership is a quality in short supply during this time in history when we need it the most. In the last several decades, the need for effective leadership has been changing. One person who has been in constant contact with the shifting criteria for competent and successful leadership has been Marguerite Callaway. In her courses she comes highly prepared and is extremely attentive to the needs of the attendees and can adjust accordingly as she taps into her enormous backlog of experience. She is an exemplary coach and teacher in these complex and threshold times. Without reservation, I highly recommend her.”

Justine Toms

Co-Founder, Executive Director, and Host of New Dimensions Radio


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