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Through our online platform, we offer a blended model of learning that allows for asynchronous learning. Every week, we provide you with pre-recorded short video content accompanied by topic-specific assessments, self-reflections, and practical homework assignments. We combine this content with live interactions with our facilitator and with other participants throughout the course.

The course is evidence-based and uses experiential learning to bring the concepts to life. The work is cumulative; each session builds on prior work and real-time application throughout the ten weeks. Every session includes:

  • A brief pre-recorded Video and accompanying PDF Handout that explains each of the five people skills and its relevance to 21st Century leadership.
  • A clear description of the purpose of specific self-assessments, self-reflections, and homework assignments.
  • Links to relevant external videos and references that amplify each module’s core ideas.

You will be directed to complete your topic-specific Self-Assessments, Self-Reflections, and Homework Assignments in your Personal Leadership Journal between sessions. These exercises are intended to help you apply what you are learning in real-time.   

We complement your individual work with four live sessions with Marguerite and your fellow participants. Every two weeks she will host a live 90-minute ZOOM call to answer any questions that have arisen and give you the opportunity to share your insights/experiences with her and fellow participants. Following a whole group discussion, you will enter breakout rooms to practice the specific people skill with one another.

Featured Course

Mastering Five Essential People Skills for Career Advancement

Our ten-week course has been designed for mid-career professionals who want to level up their people skills, especially for career advancement.

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