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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Marguerite, why do you do what you do?

We are at inflection point of human evolution and the survival of our planet with all its varied life forms. Do we move forward, capable of embracing the irreversible changes that are upon us? Or do we fall back, reversing the positive steps that we’ve made toward a sustainable future for all—based purely on the individual self-interest of a few? When you explore different inflection points in human evolution, it has always been men and women willing to accept the challenges of leadership that make all the difference. Leadership development is my passion, my life’s work.

2. Why do you like to work with mid-career professionals, one of your target audiences?

For the last 60 years, most education across the globe has focused on developing specialized, technical expertise.  We have technical experts in IT, all fields of Science, Clinical Care, Accounting, Finance, etc., etc. While this expertise is very worthwhile, today’s organizational and societal challenges are complex and multi-faceted. They require that well-trained professionals acquire additional skills, specifically people skills to be effective managers or leaders. I’ve worked with, coached and taught these men and women my entire professional career. I love to see their innate leadership potential be ignited and new skills developed through focused effort. 

3. How will your 1:1 Coaching Packages embrace and cultivate my leadership capability?

Insight –of oneself, and of one’s work context – is key to tapping into your innate leadership potential.  In the course of my professional career, I’ve advised/mentored/coached over 2500 men and women at different stages of their professional careers. Each person was facing a specific leadership challenge. Through these experiences, I’ve created propriety diagnostic tools, supplemented with valid 3rd party-assessments to create your unique leadership profile that includes your current work context. We will review the results and identify specific leadership competencies you need to make your 1st priority. You will receive specific homework assignments (readings, videos) and will create A Leadership Development Journal. We will schedule the frequency of sessions, depending on the urgency of your situation and my availability.

I offer two packages: Three 90-minute sessions or Five 90-minute sessions.  

  • 3 Sessions: $250/hr. = $750.  Paid in full.
  • 5 Sessions: $250/hr. = $1250 - 12% discount is $1100. (You save $150) Paid in full.

Ongoing coaching/mentoring: Once we have completed a session package (three or five), I am open to creating an ongoing coaching/mentoring relationship through a retainer relationship.

4. What is the framework for your Virtual Leadership Courses?

We’ve learned a lot about the best way to provide impactful leadership development courses:

  • Participants do best when they are offered a blended model of learning. They receive content that they can complete asynchronously-that is combined with live sessions. The optimal length for online engagement is 90-minutes. Beyond that, concentration starts to wane, and ‘life and work’ begin to intrude. Each class is 90 minutes.
  • People benefit from multiple ways to absorb course content. Each course session includes a PDF Handout, pre-recorded topic-specific presentations of the latest evidence-based understanding about each people skill. We provide links to relevant short videos and contemporary articles/papers that augment Callaway Leadership insights. 
  • Impactful leadership development requires a commitment to engage in an inward journey through topic-specific, Self-Reflection Exercises that will be part of your homework assignments.
  • You will be provided with a  Leadership Development Journal to chart your progress throughout the course and to compile the results of your homework assignments.
  • During the live QnA sessions, we use breakout rooms for smaller conversations among your fellow participants. 
5. How do you manage time-zone differences among your students?

Callaway Leadership Institute is located in Northern California, Pacific Time Zone (PST). Thanks to virtual platforms, we can now teach live classes in time zones across the globe. No one does their best work in the middle of the night. We have found what is optimal for us and for our students. Every class will start at 9am, PST, USA . This translates into:

  • Noon EST, USA
  • 5 pm Ireland, UK
  • 6 pm Western Europe
  • 7 or 8 pm Africa (depending on your country)
  • 3 am (next day) in Australia, New Zealand
6. What is distinctive about your 12-month Leadership Development Program: 21st Century Leadership: the 7 Aspirations?

In contrast to our topic-specific shorter courses, this offering is for those who are willing to invest 12 months of vital resources -time, focus, money- to become an effective 21st Century Transformational Leader. We have identified the three domains of Leadership:

The leadership work of ‘Self’, an inner journey

The leadership work of ‘Reality’, a deep exploration into your individual and global context

The leadership work of ‘Relationships’, how do engage effectively to accomplish a shared vision

We prefer to offer this program to organizations, committed to the leadership development among its executives and staff*. Based on demand, however, we occasionally offer the program to individuals willing to go through this in-depth, transformational leadership journey together with other professionals from different organizations.

*NOTE: When working with a single organization, we are prepared to offer this program in-person or virtually.

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