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Professional Support Team

Rich Schell, Esq.

Rich Schell is a lawyer, author, and educator.

He is the rights manager for The Callaway Companies, including the Callaway Leadership Institute. Rich views his mission as helping to develop, protect, and maximize long-term value in intellectual property assets.  Rich brings to this role experience in legal publishing, experience representing authors and publishers, and experience as a published and self-published author himself.

He has developed and taught “Rights for Writers” an introductory course to help authors/publishers understand the legal and business issues in writing and publishing, on all platforms. 


Thayne Rigby

Thayne has been developing and designing websites for nearly 20 years.

He has personally built hundreds of sites during that time and started a number of companies. He helped found V Squared Creative and more recently BuildPlatform.com.

As an Idaho native, he has worked with many local companies in the Treasure Valley. He built a large network of independent marketing representatives resulting in the development of sites nationwide and in the UK.


Featured Course

Mastering Five Essential People Skills for Career Advancement

Our ten-week course has been designed for mid-career professionals who want to level up their people skills, especially for career advancement.

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