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Mastering Five Essential People Skills for Career Advancement

Our eight-week course has been designed for mid-career professionals who want to level up their people skills, especially for career advancement.

Each live 90-minute session on Zoom combines brief presentations, facilitated discussions, breakout rooms for real-time skill development in small groups. Content is augmented by topic-specific short videos highlighting each essential people skill and its relevance for 21st Century leaders.

Each week you will receive a handout for the course, and a homework assignment that include Self-Reflections, Assessments of your current people skill competency.  The Sessions will be recorded and made available a few days after. The work is cumulative; each week builds on prior work and exercises.

Topics for the Eight Modules:

Module 1: The Roadmap to Level Up Your People SkillsModule 2: Developing a Growth Mindset through Applied Neuroplasticity Module 3: Learning How to Hear What People are Really SayingModule 4: Mastering the Art & Skill of Impactful FeedbackModule 5: Your Innate Personality Style and How it Influences Your Interpersonal InteractionsModule 6: Individual 1:1 Coaching SessionModule 7: Evaluating Your Communication Style to Strengthen your Interpersonal InteractionsModule 8: Embracing All You’ve Learned and Developing an Ongoing Action PlanCERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION

Fee: $699, which includes an External Objective Assessment of your Emotional Intelligence.

Our next intake is Saturday, January 28, 2024.

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For 60+ years, educational institutions, private industry, and government agencies have focused on developing technical specialists.

We have trained specialists successfully in all fields of endeavor: IT, Clinical, Financial, Scientific, Business, etc. etc.  We ‘know’ so much more than previous generations could ever have imagined. And yet we struggle in organizations, communities, and countries that to bring about innovations and new initiatives to address the complex challenges we face.

Contemporary research from across the globe has found what truly transformational leaders have discovered throughout history.

People skills—the ability to relate effectively with others, engage constructively in conflict, implement change initiatives—are the ‘missing ingredient’ for highly skilled professionals, especially those seeking career advancement.

Even a giant global technology company, Google, evaluates all potential hires through the lens of people skills associated with emotional intelligence (EI).  It’s not surprising as EI is recognized as foundational for fourteen essential leadership skills.

I developed this course specifically for technical professionals who find themselves leading teams, departments, organizations, or who seek to move into higher management or senior leadership roles.

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This course is evidence-based and uses experiential learning to bring the concepts to life. The work is cumulative; each session builds on prior work and real-time application throughout the eight weeks. I will begin every session with a brief Q&A to clarify prior content or issues that have arisen while completing homework assignments.

Module 1: The Roadmap to Level Up Your People Skills

In our 1st Session together, I will present the eight-week Roadmap that you and your fellow participants will undertake individually and together during our eight weeks together. You will meet your fellow participants and learn of their desired outcomes. I will hold a  brief Q&A section to give you the opportunity to answer any outstanding questions that you may have at this point. You will receive an individual code for the EQ Self-Appraisal® Self-Edition to create baseline data on “Where I am now”. You will complete the EQ Assessment as homework prior to the next session.

Module 2: Developing a Growth Mindset through Applied Neuroplasticity

In our 2nd Session together, I will present the overall framework of emotional intelligence and the research results linking it to so many leadership skills. You will learn about ‘fixed- and growth- mindsets’ and learn how you can use self-directed neuroplasticity to modify how your mind processes information. You will learn how use your EQ Self-Appraisal results to focus on specific skill development. You will receive a Personal Leadership Journal to track your progress throughout the program, including milestones and personal reflections. Your homework is to add the insights you’ve received from your EQ Self-Appraisal into your journal.

Module 3: Learning How to Hear What People are Really Saying

In our 3rd Session together, I will explain why Active Listening, a special kind of listening, is a learned skill that all effective leaders have mastered. You will learn why active listening has become challenging in most work settings and you will learn how active listening is foundational for emotional intelligence. You will complete a self-assessment to evaluate your listening habits. You will practice active listening during a 1:1 conversation with another course colleague. Your homework assignment will allow you to practice what you’ve learned at work and in your personal environment. Use your Personal Leadership Journal to record three interactions when you used active listening.

Module 4: Mastering the Art & Skill of Impactful Feedback

In our 4th Session together, we will discuss your experience applying active listening, and why it is an essential component to providing impactful feedback. I will then take up the topic of timely impactful feedback and why it is needed to change behavior and obtain desired outcomes. You will discover how the brain’s innate response to perceived criticism makes giving feedback a challenge for most individuals. You will practice active listening again during a 1:1 conversation with another course colleague. For your homework assignment, you will receive an Impactful Feedback Template to apply what you’ve learned in at least one feedback session at work, real-time.  Add the insights you’ve gained from applying what you’ve learned about giving feedback to your Personal Leadership Journal.

Module 5: Your Innate Personality Style and How it Influences Your Interpersonal Interactions

In our 5th Session together, we will discuss what you’ve learned about applying the four-part feedback framework at work. I will present a well-known personality style framework, and you will complete a quick self-assessment. We will explore how your innate personality style has benefited your career and how it may give you challenges when interacting with your professional colleagues and teams. You will share your insights with others in breakout rooms.

Your homework assignment is to evaluate the personality style of two of your most significant colleagues—your direct supervisor and an important teammate—to identify how miscommunication may occur due to different personality styles. Add the insights you’ve gained from applying what you’ve learned about giving feedback to your Personal Leadership Journal.

Module 6: Individual 1:1 Coaching Session

During Week 6, I will schedule an individual 1:1 30-minute coaching session to review your progress to date and explore where you may be stuck. We will find a time that is mutually agreeable for our respective time zones. I will record each session and provide you with a copy following the session.   Be prepared to talk about insights from your Personal Leadership Journal, or areas where you want to commit greater focus. 

Module 7: Evaluating Your Communication Style to Strengthen your Interpersonal Interactions

During our 7th Session together, we will have a group check-in to reflect on the work to date and answer any questions that have arisen. I will present the concept of different communications and you will complete a self-diagnostic using a Communication Style Template to confirm your preferred communication style. We will explore how your newly acquired people skills an influence your communication style and how it impacts your effectiveness with your teams/colleagues/superiors. 

Module 8: Embracing All You’ve Learned and Developing an Ongoing Action Plan

During our 8th Session together, you will declare to your colleagues what people skills you’ve learned about yourself, and how you’ve integrated practical people skills into your approach to work. You will define areas of ongoing improvement to your people skills and leadership strategies. You will present a Concrete Action Plan for career advancement—getting the job you really want.


Once you have completed all the assessments and homework assignments, used your Personal Leadership Journal, and prepared your Concrete Action Plan, that you submit to me electronically, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Callaway Leadership Institute. You will also be put on a “preferred participant list’ to receive discounts for shorter, topic-specific online course we will be creating in 2023.

Make 2024 the year you embrace your role as a leader!

Imagine that this is the year that you:

Expand your self-awareness and self-managementLearn how to apply social awareness and relationship management to impact positively your interpersonal interactionsCultivate your listening skills to hear what people are really sayingLearn how to communicate effortlesslyLead a team with confidenceGet the leadership position you want

Here’s your opportunity to do all of the above, by making a commitment to level up your career by strengthening your people skills and leadership strategies. 

Internationally recognized leadership development expert Marguerite Callaway is offering a teaching intensive to a highly select group of students, those truly committed to enhancing their people skills. This new course combines decades of insight working closely with individual leaders and their teams in numerous contexts. Places are strictly limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis – so book now to ensure you don’t miss out.

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Mastering Five Essential People Skills for Career Advancement

What you will learn: In this eight-week intensive I teach you the people skills that all current and aspiring leaders must master, as they assume more leadership responsibilities.

This includes:

  • SEVEN LIVE 90-minute sessions teaching the FIVE ESSENTIAL PEOPLE SKILLS.  The sessions offer exercises and practices, and short topic-specific videos.  The sessions will include LIVE BREAKOUT SESSONS with like-minded colleagues on their own leadership journey. You’ll engage in experiential learning as you move through the eight weeks. All sessions will be recorded.
  • HANDOUTS FOR EACH SESSION that will become part of your leadership library
  • RELEVANT EXTERNAL AND PROPRIETARY ASSESSMENTS of various interpersonal and leadership competencies
  • A LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT JOURNAL to support your experiential learning and record your progress during the course.
  • WEEKLY EXERCISES, PRACTICE AND HOMEWORK, so you’ll be immersing yourself in each essential people skill, applied real-time.  
  • INDIVIDUAL 30-Minute 1:1 Coaching session with me in Week Six to review your progress to date, and to highlight specific areas for further development.
  • A CONCRETE ACTION PLAN to chart your future journey at the course’s conclusion, to level up your people skills every day.
  • A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION from the Callaway Leadership Institute, upon course completion.

START DATE:  Saturday January 28, 2024
END DATE: Saturday, March 18, 2024
Time Zones:

  • 10am PST USA
  • 1pm EST USA
  • 6pm GMT (UK)
  • 7pm Western Europe
  • 8 -9 pm Africa
  • 5 am Australia & New Zealand

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Marguerite Callaway brings her unique style of leadership development from the depths of her own leadership journey.  She draws from her strong feminine traits to encourage all she works with to celebrate the fullness of their talents and be courageous in investing in the journey to achieve their purpose in life.

Marguerite Callaway draws on her own extensive USA, African, and broader international experience to weave inspirational narratives and fit for purpose tools to enables leaders across sectors, age groups and geographic locations to engage meaningfully on their personal journeys.  Marguerite has an intuitive sensing capability to draw all her participants into the room – physical or virtual – that allows them to be present and enjoy the learning and sharing processes she devises with skill and professionalism.

Callaway’s leadership development style and approach is one best suited for the troubled world we are in that requires strong relational skills paired with deep content knowledge and capacity to use information technology as an enabler of both learning and execution of tasks, as well as monitoring and evaluation for further learning. I have the privilege of watching Marguerite work with teams under different circumstances.  She has the skill to help teams in times of crises and celebration, to turn each moment into a teaching and learning opportunity.  She is credited with supporting and strengthening teams in the health and education arenas in my own country and abroad.

The Callaway Leadership Institute’s Leadership Development offerings are a treat you should not miss!”

- Mamphela Ramphele, MD, PhD

Co-President the Club of Rome

Co-Founder of Reimagine SA

“Marguerite Callaway is an amazing professional; she is the best leadership trainer and course developer that I have ever worked with. She brings many years of experience delivering essential leadership skills training to diverse teams across all professional sectors. Along with strong research skills, she carefully evaluates her audience to bring together the most relevant, timely information, resulting in a training experience so effective that she is constantly in high demand. You won’t find a more seasoned professional with the knowledge, patience, and effective approach in the online leadership training sector. Marguerite Callaway is the best!”

- Rod A. Hill

Director, Professional Development and Communication

Graduate School USA

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